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Shenzhen Magnimage Technology Co.,Ltd. is a spectacular specializing in high quality video equipment products manufacture,

R&D, production and marketing. With years of experience accumulated, we now provide LED video processor, large screen LED

video splicing controller  and other large video equipment series products. We insist on the concept of  "quality is the basis of the

fundamental", and have concentrated on the product quality development and do our best to upgrade the technology level and

manufacture ability to provide more and better products for our customers.

2009  Shenzhen Magnimage Technology Co. Ltd was estiblished

2010  Developed new products LED-510C series and LED-515D series processors

2011  Developed new products LED-540C series, which support splicing function

2011.03.01~04   attend LED CHINA 2011 exhibition in Guangzhou

2011.07.06~09   attend 2011 International LED exhibition in Shanghai

2012  Open branch office in Beijing

2012  Developed new products LED-550D series

2012.06.13~15   attend 2012 International Infocomm exhibition in Las Vegas, USA

2012.06.20~22   attend 2012 Prolight+sound exhibition in Beijing

2013  Open branch office in Xi'an

2013  Developed new products LED-580F series, which support 4K input and 4K output

2013.01.19~23  attend 2013 ISE exhibition in Netherland

2013.04.10~12  attend 2013 Infocomm exhibition in Beijing

2013.06.12~14  attend 2013 International Infocomm exhibition in Orlando, USA

2013.10.20~24  attend 2013 Infocomm exhibition in Dubai, UAE

2014  Open branch office in Shanghai and Chengdu

2014.02.04~06  attend 2014 ISE exhibition in Netherland

2014.03.12~15  attend 2014 Prolight+sound exhibition in Frankfurt, Germany

2014.04.09~11  attend 2014 Infocomm exhibition in Beijing

2014.05.20~23  attend 2014 KOBA exhibition in Seoul, South Korea

2014.05.26~29  attend 2014 Prolight+sound exhibition in Beijing

2014.06.18~20  attend 2014 International Infocomm exhibition in Las Vegas, USA

2014.09.11~13  attend 2014 Prolight+sound exhibition in Moscow, Russia

2014.10.08~11  attend 2014 Prolight+sound exhibition in Shanghai

2014.10.13~15  attend 2014 Prolight+sound exhibition in Dubai

2014.10.28~30  attend 2014 Security China exhibition in Beijing

2014.11.17~23  attend 2014 International LDI in Las Vegas, USA