MIG-CL9000 Video Wall Controller

Designed for Fine Pixel Pitch LED Mosaic

Panel Presentation

  • 1LCD Screen
  • 2Function Keys
  • 3Menu Operating Area
  • 14 DVI Inputs 22 SDI Inputs and 2 VGA Inputs 34 VGA Inputs 44 SDI Inputs
  • 54 HDMI Inputs 62 Network Inputs 72 DP Inputs 82 AV Inputs
  • 92 DVI Inputs 10HDBASET 111 IP Monitoring 12Frame Synchronization for Input/Output
  • 13RS 232 Control Port 14USB Upgrade Port15Network Control Port

Seamless Mosaic & Splitting for High Resolution LED Screen

MIG-CL9000 series can customize output resolution, realize the display and splice of giant resolution LED
screen with multisending cards. DP input support 4K*2K, can easily realize pixel to pixel display.

No Frame Loss

  • When playing a 1080P fast video, ordinary video wall
    controller will have 30 frames less

  • Using MIG-CL9000 video wall controller, 60 full frames
    play smoothly

No Image Tearing

  • The output effect of ordinary video wall controller when
    playing a fast video

  • The output effect of MIG-CL9000 when playing
    the some video

Real Time IP Monitoring

Real time monitoring for all the input and output
easy operating, fast switching, this is how MIG-CL9000 exceeds.

Standard Module Design

It is module designed for both input and output
You can choose the configuration according to your demands.

4 Independent Layer Output from 1 DVI

Each DVI output channel is able to display 4 independent layers and one high definition background. The position,
size and order of each layer can be set freely. Input source of any layer can also be set freely.

Edge Blending Mosaic for Projectors

Size, position and other parameters of the blending part can be changed
through its edge blending function.