MIG-V6 Video Switcher


            MIG-V6 is the latest Magnimage high performance video switcher, using a large storage high speed FPGA and hardware structure with high speed digital bus matrix, which adopt RBG 24bits/60Hz processing inside.
    Built-in a high performance zoom core, MIG-V6 supports Multiple screens output seamless splicing, makes output signal clearer , delicate, colorful and ensures the output signal synchronous and no latency. It adopts mixed matrix input, various 4k, 2k input customized module options, supports 4K*2K/60Hz 4:4:4 input and real-time preview to the input and output signal.
    Cooperates with consoles like MIG-H8, MIG-V6, it can realize fade-in/out switching among multiple layers and scenes, it was widely used in car exhibition, business conference and stage show, etc.


  • Features

  • 4 program output, support 16 layers, layer size and position changes arbitrarily.
  • 4 AUX output, supports mosaic and zooming.
  • 3 Aux loop output.
  • 1 multi-screen preview, input and output signal real-time preview,
  • and supports customize layout.
  • 1 IP output for monitoring on the console.
  • 24 mixed matrix input, with multiple 2k, 4k input options.
  • Support HDCP1.4&2.2.
  • Supports 4K*2K/60Hz 4:4:4 input.
  • Supports HD native background capture.
  • EDID management on input signal.
  • Image crop, layer zooming.
  • Test overlay.
  • Edge blending.
  • Supports outer synchronization and multiple devices cascade.


 Switcher  Instruction

Various input and output ports

Input ports

Totally 6 input slots, users are free to choose the input module;

2k input cards include: DVI,HDMI,VGA,SDI,VGA/SDI mix board; 

4k input card includes: DP/HDMI mix board,dual DP input.



Output ports




System connecting pattern

V6 cooperates with software




V6 acooperates with H6




V6 projection blending mosaic