Panel Presentation







High resolution LED wall mosaic


High resolution LED Wall mosaic will be realized with corresponding sending cards and the machine's output customization.

One 3U chassis machine supports 12 panels mosaic at most; 4U chassis supports 20 at most; 8U chassis supports 32 at most.

No frame drop or image tear. Supports 4Kx2K/8Kx1K DP input and high resolution pixel-to-pixel display.






4 independent layers output by 1 output


One DVI output can display 4 independent layers and one high definition background.

The position, size and order of each layer can be set freely.

Input signal of any layer can also be set freely with the machine's inner video matrix.




Caption & label


User can set the caption's size, color, moving speed, background color without PC or USB memory disk,

also insert a picture to serve as a label.

Label function(letter or image) allows you mark the layers by words to help memorizing

and selecting the right layer exactly and rapidly.



IP monitoring


By connecting the network control port, the IP monitor and the host computer into one local area network,
you monitoring all the input and output status on the software.






Multiviewer Output


One multiviewer output allows monitoring up to 8 input sources. The window layout can be customized.





Projector edge blending mosaic


One 3U chassis machine supports 12 times mosaic at most, one 4U chassis controller supports 20 projectors mosaic at most; 

one 8U chassis controller supports 32 projectors mosaic at most.

Size, position, transparency and other parameters of the blending parts can be changed via edge blending function.


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