Panel Presentation




All 4K inputs & outputs


MIG-680 has 1 Program output and 4 AUX outputs. All of them support 4K×2K@60Hz and customized resolution setting.

Meanwhile it includes 1 Multi-preview and up to 12 channels of 4K×2K@60Hz inputs.



Multi-layers, seamless switching


The Program output support 4 independent layers and fade in/out switching.

The size and position of all layers can be set freely.

The AUX output support 1 full screen layer and fast-cut switching.



Layer clone, mirror and shadow effect


4 independent layers of the Program output support clone, mirror and shadow effect.



Multiple control modes


Touched screen control, T-bar switching control and keyboard control



Windows&Mac software control



Control the MIG-680 with software and MIG-EXK200 keyboard


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