Panel Presentation


 4 screens splicing in 1 processor

Thanks to customize input/ output resolution and superior synchronization,

LED-760H can realize multiple input pixel-to-pixel splicing or single input amplification.



4 screens splicing in 1 processor

Horizontal splicing, vertical splicing, same size splicing, or different size splicing


4 independent outputs

Maximum 8 inputs, LED-760H can be used as matrix of 8 inputs and 4 outputs.

It can also control 4 different screen with independent content. Any input can be quickly switched to any output without black or signal break-off.



Multiple cascade 1

LED-760H supports multi machine cascade, 1 processor works as the controller and others be cascaded to achieve ultra wide splicing.




Multiple cascade 2

With the help of graphic card of video server, multiple LED-760Hs are able to realized ultra wide splicing.



 4 layers output

In the non-splicing mode, each port is able to display 4 independent pictures.

Input signal, size and position of these 4 pictures can be changed.

Input signal source(DP、DVI、HDMI、VGA、SDI)




Rotary output

4 main outputs of LED-760H can be spliced after rotation.

Based on the rotation, the images can also be up-and-down reversed or left-and-right reversed.






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