Media Software 2.0 for MAC is now released!


The Creator R5 Media Software 2.0 for Mac version is officially released;

Compared with the 1.2 version, 19 functions were added and 6 functions were optimized,

which achieving a qualitative leap in function.

Welcome to download the experience!


1. Central Control Function


 R5 can be controlled by mobile phone, pad, keyboard and other devices through the supporting control command of the central control system


2. New input source list file, folder drag




3. Customized graphic mask



4. Polygon effect template





5. Picture, OSD, NDI, network video source, etc., can be customized for time control




6. Left&Right channel, stereo channel





7. Continuous scene can be customized to configure the main layer





8.  Virtual amplification function of output port





9.  Online automatic upgrade