CREATOR R5 Version 2.1 for Windows officially released!


The 2.1 Windows version of the CREATOR R5 media software developed by Magnimage was officially released. Compared with the 2.0 version, 9 functions were added and 3 functions were optimized, which improved the function better. Welcome to download.




1.Scene switch freely





2.Main KV switch






3.OSD Subtitle scrolling and background customization







4.MIDI keyboard and PC keyboard operation can be externally controlled






5. Master and standby machine back-up function





6.OSC protocol control, artnet protocol control, spout input/ output function







7.Self registration supports international time zone






8.Downward compatibility of software engineering documents, support v2.0.0.8 and above





9.PPT compatible with WPS and MS Office





Other function optimization:

1. Optimize interface layout and UI icons

2. Optimize signal list loading speed

3. Optimize scene performance



Download address:



Version 2.0 and above can be updated automatically online