Check this bar with Magnimag All-in-one solution, it's LIT!


Recently, a bar project has been successfully completed.

Magnimage provides all LED integrated video solution services to help customers create the top bar visual environment.


All-in-one Solution

LED-M16 Receiving card

LED-T4M LED video controller

MIG-CL9000 Series Video wall controller

Creator R5 Media server


In this project, the products provided by Magnimage are highly consistent with the

needs of customers in terms of performance and effect.

With one-stop mode to combined wit the signal sending, receiving,

 splicing and video control services as one, Magnimage products created a dynamic space and

it is selected as the best partner to the bar project and makes it an attraction place.




LED-M16 Receiving card, integrates 16 HUB75E ports, 32 groups of RGB signal parallel output,

support 128K(256×512) pixels. LED-T4M LED video controller, include a sending card with 4 LAN ports,

which support 2.3 million pixels, with them to meet the signal receiving and sending of all LED screens in the bar.




MIG-CL9000 Sereis Video wall controller to complete the seamless splicing of all screens and

playing of multiple windows at the same time, guarantee the multi-channel video signals playing stably with 

high-definition smooth and no delay effect.




Creator R5 Midea server, with infinite layer, infinite scene, scene switching pre monitoring,

custom scene loop mode function, it can manage and switch all the control processes,

it helps  to improve the work efficiency of technicians.