The Application of Event Console in Theater


Magnimage successfully completed the commissioning of control system for a theater fixed installation project in Shandong,
With the industry-leading integrated video technology solutions, the large-scale event console, video processor,
sending card and receiving card have been fully applied in the project.
Perfect display of the functional requirements of HD video playback,
multi-channel signal input and output, multi screen splicing and seamless switching
of multiple LED screens of different resolutions in the theater.


MIG-V8 Switcher&MIG-H8 Console×1 Set
LED-760H Series Video Processor×2
LED-750H Series Video Processor×3
S Series Sending Card ×17pcs
LED-M16 Series Receiving Card ×200+pcs





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Cyclone Series Video Wall Controller (P1.5 LED Screen)



LED-750H Video Processor



LED-760H Video Processor

LED-T4M LED Controller

LED-M8 Series Receiving Card




Cyclone Series Video Wall Controller (P1.2 LED Screen)