MIG-V8 Series Supported 2020 QQ Masters


The video solution of this event was created by Magnimage MIG-V8 switcher & MIG-H8 video console.

With excellent functional  and stable performance, it escorts the whole process of the event,

once again to prove the strength of V8 series products for the control of large-scale E-sports activities.




eSports Cases Review


2019 WUCG Final





2019 CS GO












2019 KGPO




As a leading video equipment expert in the industry,

Magnimage has provided professional video processing technology solutions for many large-scale E-sports events around the world,

and has become the preferred video solution equipment partner in the e-sports competition.

Magnimage has created a wonderful event one after another

and become an indispensable participant in the field of E-sports activities.

We are looking forward to meet you soon with excellent products and technologies in the upcoming E-sports activities.