Magnimage Solution Supports Three Extraordinary TV Shows



In recent years, the E-commerce Event  is quite popular and has grown progressively bigger and bigger in China.

This year is no exception, three major TV stations join with China's three largest

online shopping platforms for a shopping festival party on 18th June.


Shanghai TV has teamed up with Suning online shopping platform

Jiangsu TV has teamed up with Tmall online shopping platform

Hunan TV teamed up with Pinduoduo online shopping platform


Over 10,000m² of LED screens are utilized in these three events and over 100units of Magnimage’s products were used.



Jiangsu TV×Tmall

Equipment solution:

LED-W4000 Series 8K×2K Video Processor× 7units

LED-780H Series 4K×2K Video Processor ×25+units

[LED screen:3000m²+]




Shanghai TV×Suning

Equipment solution:

LED-780H Series 4K×2K Video Processor ×30+units

[LED screen:3000m²+]




Hunan TV×PinDuoDuo

Equipment solution:

LED-780H Series 4K×2K Video Processor ×30+units

[LED screen:4700m²+]



Are you still thinking about not knowing which video processor to choose?

LED-W4000 Series 8K×2K Video Processor and LED-780H Series 4K×2K Video Processor will be your best choice!

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