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Phoenix Ultra HD LED background screen
Published:2014-06-27 10:34:05

At 18:00 on March 28 2011, the 15th anniversary of Hong Kong Phoenix TV station Phoenix cum start broadcasting ceremony was held at the Phoenix headquarters in Hong Kong Phoenix TV station this start broadcasting the ceremony, one of up to 2400 x 768 pixel P3 .75 highest-clear LED display sparkling debut in news and live news long as Phoenix dynamic context, which is the first in the super high-definition LED display products as a dynamic background used in television news broadcast in the field.
   Since Maipu Vision's patented technology for image video follower interception and stitching make this up to 2400 levels, a height of 768 points LED fight to achieve a perfect point display to ensure the best image display, perfectly embodies the artistic point LED display screen.
   All along, Maipu Vision company in pursuit of the perfect image effect, to achieve the most convenient mode of operation for the design of the main line, thus completing one after another perfect LED large screen display items; fill has been over 1920 * 1080 points LED screen can not achieve the vacancy point display.