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Classic cases and solutions

LED-780H & V4 cascade escorted the Haier Group’s Conference
Published:2017-03-09 10:37:52

Mar.8.9,Haier Group held the Brand Promotion conference in the Shanghai Centre. Thetopic of the conference is Together, Discovering, Leading. The hall had a largeLED screen. The Res7488*1040; Size 36 x 5 m; P4.8.

The screen needed to broadcast the full screen 8K video,4K PPT and live show. In order to realize the complex effect, the conferenceused the V4 multi_scene switcher from Magnimage. Two sets of V4 cascade andadded a set of LED_780H also a new nice product came from Magnimage at thefront end. Moreover, LED-780H owns the function of DP loop, 1 DPloop for any input signal.

Two-day conferences,  The advantage of  flexibleediting and easy-operated  of V4 Switcher fully meet all the demand of endcustomer.