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Magnimage video synchronizer help BMW 3 Series GT Hangzhou conference
Published:2014-06-27 10:39:45

BMW on June 25, 2013 in Hangzhou officially released 3 Series GT Series sedan, the conference uses the large LED display asthe background screen, the entire screen is 11544 points total pixels wide × 1040 points higher. In order to ensure the conference showing the effect, BMW produced a special 11,544-point wide × 1040 high point of the video source.
Organizers will use large networked video player software source via multiple video output to the output device subregional LED display, but due to hardware limitations, there will be a video image of synchronization between multiple video output device, resulting in an image on the LED display tearing and other issues, organizers use two sets of Maipu Vision video synchronizer MIG-706H solve this problem, the video source between multiple video output device does not sync after MIG-706H synchronization, video fully synchronized, there is no image tearing and other issues, showing perfect results.
MIG-706H video synchronizer point LED display is mainly used in large projects, is a network specifically address multiple devices to play video output is not synchronous video device, capable of simultaneously both synchronous and content synchronization problem solving and video synchronization timing.