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How to handle different video formats?
Published:2014-06-26 16:38:25

The above mentioned remarks are true also of a Y/C (SuperVideo) or Component video setup. There are distributors as well as line amplifiers and processors for Y/C and component video. Such machines are naturally more expensive than Composite video machines as they are more complex, dealing simultaneously with several channels. When dealing with Y/C or component video signals: Cable lengths of all the components leading to and from the acceptors and sources should be precisely of the same length. If cable lengths are not equal (for example, the “Y” cable is shorter than the “R-Y” or “B-Y” cables) unwanted effects may appear such as color smear, delay problems (bad registration of the black and white content with the color) and so on. Look for a DA that has a conversion option as well, for example, a Y/C DA that provides Y/C and composite outputs. It will save money and increase the flexibility of the studio.