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How to achieve 100% error free duplication?
Published:2014-06-26 16:38:56

Having the basic equipment - VCRs for playback and recording, video distributors and processors - is not sufficient for a foolproof job. The source sent for duplication can be monitored, but that will not reveal a tape that got stuck in one of the recording VCRs or a cable that got loose or disconnected. In order to monitor what has actually been recorded, a VCR scanner is needed. After duplication, all tapes are rewound and played back. Every output of the recording VCRs is connected to an input of the scanner which sequentially scans each VCR, allowing monitoring of each output on a monitor. A “smart” scanner detects signal loss and either stops the scan on the faulty VCR or registers the mistakes in its internal memory (if the scanner is microprocessor controlled), for later retrieval. Scanners are vital now that 100% error free work has become the standard.