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 LED Video processor LED-500A/500B [2014-12-11]
 LED Video processor LED-510C series [2014-12-12]
 LED Video processor LED-540C series [2014-12-12]
 LED Video processor LED-550D series [2014-12-12]
 LED Video processor LED-580F series [2014-12-12]
 Video seamless switcher MIG-620C series [2014-12-12]
 Video seamless switcher MIG-630C series [2014-12-12]
 Video seamless switcher MIG-V4+MIG-H1 [2015-04-09]
 Video wall controller MIG-CL9000 series [2015-04-09]
 Video synchronizer MIG-704H/706H [2014-12-12]
 Monitor MIG-252 [2015-04-09]
 DVI to SDI format converter MIG-2123 [2015-04-09]
 SDI to DVI format converter MIG-2132 [2015-04-09]
 Splitter MIG-204/208 [2015-04-09]
 Optic fiber extender MIG-OPT401-T/R [2015-04-09]
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