HDR10 Solution

Solution Introduction:

It is composed of 4K video processor, 4K independent controller and M70S/M80S/M62S receiving card, suitable for high-definition occasions such as radio and television, studio, theater, etc.


Solution Features:

1:High Definition

The receiving card supports mainstream driver chips, combined with Magnimage's precise gray control, contour smoothing, color restoration, HDR10, brightness and chroma correction and other technologies, through a wider color gamut, higher color depth, and larger brightness range, Restore what the user really sees.


2:Ultra Low Latency

The latency for receiving card is 0.5 frames, the independent master control is 0 frames, and the 4K video processor is 1 frame, which perfectly solves the problem of asynchronous audio and video during the live broadcast. It is the best choice in the field of radio and television.


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