Rental Stage Solutions

Solution Introduction:

It consists of multimedia server, video switcher, two-in-one video controller and fine-pitch receiving card. It is suitable for theaters, theaters, studios, and temporary rental stages.


Solution Features:

1:High Definition

The multimedia server satisfies the pixel-to-pixel display of large resolution, and it is convenient for users to play and manage media files such as multiple videos and pictures;

the video switcher processes all channels at 60Hz, without dropping or losing frames, which perfectly guarantees the smoothness of the picture;

The small-pitch receiving card supports mainstream driver chips, and cooperates with Magnimage's precision gray control, contour smoothing, color gamut adjustment and other technologies to solve the pain points of low gray unevenness and color cast, and bring users from the playback source to the display terminal with high quality image.


2: Flexible Configuration

The video switcher is equipped with a variety of input/output boards, with module design, which supports users to choose according to their needs; the back-end two-in-one video controller can build a variety of stage forms according to the needs of various types of performances, and the combination is strong .


3:Strong Operability

Through the operation of the front-end multimedia server and video console, any one or more screens of the stage can be precisely controlled and switched, and cooperate with the control rhythm of the lighting, sound, stage machinery, etc. To achieve a beautiful stage performance from visual and auditory.