R5 Hardware Decoding Function


Hardware decoding is a scheme proposed by graphics chip manufacturers to decode video stream with GPU resources;

It has the advantages of high efficiency, low power consumption and low thermal power consumption.

In order to improve the working efficiency of the server or notebook, the software engineer of Magnimage continuously optimizes the R5

software and develops the function of supporting hardware decoding.

When R5 does not turn on the hardware decoding function and plays 4 standard 4K resolution videos, the operating parameters of CPU, GPU and memory of the computer are shown in the figure below:

When R5 turns on the hardware code function, we play 4 standard 4K resolution videos, and then compare the operating parameters of the computer CPU, GPU and memory:


R5 plays multiple video sources without hardware decoding, and the working pressure is mainly in CPU, with the highest utilization rate of 100%;

Turn on the hardware decoding function, greatly reduce the CPU pressure, use GPU to decode, and play four 4K videos at the same time,

CPU utilization rate is greatly reduced, and memory is also reduced, the computer plays very smoothly, without any jam.