4K Video Mosaic Box
MIG-F4-1U Series
Single machine splicing (1)
Single machine splicing (2)

A single DP, HDMI input supports 4K*2K@60Hz 4:4:4, easy to achieve large-resolution point-to-point display.

8K*1K @ 60Hz input

Support 8K*1K@60Hz input and output, super-resolution point-to-point display

ZOOM function for layer

Support layer ZOOM function, for example, in the range of 4K* 2K resolution, multiple materials are made in the same video source,through the function of ZOOM, the same 4K input source can be displayed in different layers and different areas.

Four sets of output synchronous display

The four outputs can be customized for the output resolution independently, and simultaneously display the same input signal to four different screens.

projection blending mosaic

A single device can achieve a maximum of 4 projection fusion and splicing. Through the edge fusion function, the position, size and gamma value of the fusion band can be adjusted