CREATOR R5 Version 2.2 for Mac officially released!
Technical Bulletin2020-01-07

1.Input source add folder function

Put the video source of a project to be played into the folder. By dragging the folder function,

all the videos can be imported at one time, so as to improve the work efficiency




2. The beginning and end positions of video can be set

By setting the beginning and end positions of video playback (Shift + left and right mouse buttons),

you can quickly specify the content of the video to be played, avoiding the trouble of cropping the video again.




3. Set the main layer and play other layers in a circular manner

Combined with scene skipping, when there are multiple videos in a scene with different lengths in time,

after setting the main layer, if the other videos are shorter than the main layer, they will be played circularly until the main layer is played,

and then they will jump to the specified scene or the adjacent scene; to avoid the screen playing pause or black screen scene.




4. Virtual output function

R5 is output through simulation; after setting the layer, export the project file.

When connecting the display, it can be directly used to save the time of re arranging the program.




5. Position template function, which can quickly insert position information

Save the location of a scene layer. When other scenes need to be saved,

just double-click the location template or apply the whole line, which greatly improves the work efficiency.




6. Support ex keyboard control

The newly added ex keyboard control allows push T-bar and button operation of broadcast control,

making you more flexible to use (at the same time, it also supports external hardware control such as H8 video console,

MIDI keyboard, iPad, ARTENT, OSC, etc.



7. Direct input source video transcoding and identification

Directly transcode the video in the input list, without opening the transcoding tool,

and automatically add transcoding video at the same time.




8. Cabinet custom test function

Through the output port custom test, it can quickly locate the LED cabinet.









9. Add scenarios automatically

10. New input source can directly transcode video 

11. Color change reminder after 30 seconds of new layer playing time

12. Add and delete scenes, layers, etc


Other function optimization:

1. Optimize scene switching

2. Optimize the location of layer attribute settings

3. Optimize the volume setting of video and enlarge it to more than 500

4. Optimize OSD subtitle scrolling function

5. Optimize test screen settings

6. Optimize transcoding tools