4K Video Mosaic Box
MIG-F4 Series
Mosaic application 1

Support horizontal pixel to pixel display in 7680 pixel, or upscale horizontal display in 11600 pixel.

Mosaic application 2

Support 4K*2K/60 Hz 4:4:4 input by DP or HDMI for pixel to pixel display.

8K x 1K / 60Hz input

Support super large resolution 8K×1K/60Hz pixel to pixel input and output display.

Layer zoom function

Zoom different parts of one 4K*2K input source(with different contents) and display them on different screen.


Same input source to 4 outputs

For 4 screens of different size, you can customize each output's resolution and send the same input source to these screens.

Edge blending mosaic

Single MIG-F4 support up to 4 projectors blending. All the position, size and Gamma of blending area can be adjusted.